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Student Life – Gospel Mission Church Discipleship School

Teaching Topics

Our belief is that in order to become the person that God dreams for us, we need to not only be spiritually, but also physically, and emotionally healthy as well. We understand that the practical and the spiritual are both necessary to achieve these goals. For that reason, we have chosen a wide variety of teaching topics to help you grow in many different areas of life!


  • Fathers Heart and Sonship
  • Holy Spirit
    Filling, theology, power
  • Faith and Expectation
  • Church
    why the local church
  • Serving
    understanding your gifts and calling
  • Prophetic ministry
  • Listening prayer
  • Intercessory prayer
  • Worship Ministry
  • Overview of the Bible
  • The Life of Jesus
  • Intro to Apologetics


  • Godly character for my daily life
  • How to study the bible
  • Holy living in a broken world
  • Relationships
    dating and marriage
  • Conflict and counselling
  • Leadership
    becoming a person of influence
  • Managing your life
    Finances, time, disciplines, mental health
  • Sharing your faith
    the lifestyle of an evangelist
  • Finding Peace
  • Finding Freedom through Forgiveness
  • The abiding life
    Learning to live connected to God

School Schedule

Classes run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for 30 weeks

Semester 1

  • september 2021 - mid december 2021

Semester 2

  • january 2022 - april 2022